vison inspection system

Application Areas

Plastic Components

Precision Components

Tools Inserts

Diamonds Tools



Cutting Tools

Sheet Metals

Rubber Components



Medical Devices

Form Factor & Aesthetics

LX(Light & Compact) 

V4020 CX(Clasic)
Video Source 
(On a std 17th Monitor)
[Working Distance]
RapidCam-MD(800 x 600)
11-67X (default);                   ~90 mm
22-134X (with 2X Lens)          ~36 mm
55-30X (with 10X Lens)          ~33 mm
2X Digital                               -NA-
Lighting Cool solid- state LEDs
Quarda-zone Surface + Collimated Profile Lighting
Variable Intensity/Programmabaility through software
Coaxial Lighting
Auxilliary flexible lighting
Worstage Size (X x Y) (mm)
Maximum Job Weight (Kg)
Measuring Travels(X x Y x Z) (mm)
Motion Control

Continously variable analog joystick for 3+1 (free) axis control.
Fully-automatted CNC with Auto-Focuc.
375 x 220
200 x 150 x 150
544 x 362
400 x 200 x 150
Linear Scales 0.5µm non contact tape encoders
Higher Resolution on order
Accuracy within (3+L/100) µm(L in mm)
Fixture Holding T-Slot
CNC - Drilled / Trapped hole on Workstage
FrameGrab (automated Edge Detection),
Multi-Scan with Focus.
Geometric Tools Shapes
Standard Point, Line, Circle Arc
Plane, sphere
Constructed Mid-Point,
Parallel/perpendicular lines, angle bisectors, tangents, Circles with centre, parallel arcs, pin-over dia, nearest/farthest points, cloud points, indexing etc.  Measurements Standard Distance (point-point, point-line, point-circle, line-circle, circle-circle), Angle, Radius, Diameter, Circularity Advanced PCD, Thread, Depth, Projections.
DRO Standard on-screen with Reset & UCS
Polar Coordinates possible.
Graphics Graphics-on-Video (real-time overlay), CAD (import/edit/export .dxf), 
Digital Micrometer (onscreen), FasTrace, Digital protractor, Fixed, Text
Report Direct Reports in MS Excel with conditional formatting.
Graphical Reports plus overlay on component image.
Point-cloud files in DXF and delimited Text formats.