Shallow Gauge

Range in mm
30-250 15-250
100-400 100-400
200-600 200-600
400-800 400-800
600-1000 600-1000

The Shallow Gauge is specially designed for accurate checking of outside & inside diameter of components. The construction of the gauge is rugged & precision ground. One moveable arm holder is mounted without play & friction free. Other arm holder moves on the column for coarse setting. The inter changeable arms are mounted in these holders. Direction can also be reversed for either inside or outside measurements. A built in tension spring provides constant measuring pressure which eliminates interference from operators personal feel. This gauge is available in two models i.e. measuring range 30-1200 mm. Special length gauge also can be supplied as per requirement.

This Shallow Gauge has large variety of applications in checking outside & inside diameters, small length collars, Recesses, Groove dia with absolute accuracy as you can use either 0.01mm or 0.001 L.C. dials with 8mm mounting shank.