multigauging & automation

Candid Micron offers custom designed multi-gauging fixtures to increase work efficiency for checking multiple parameters, in one pass on Non- Contact and Contact type measurements. Some innovative concepts are designed for complicated measurements like less than half outer and inner diameters, groove widths, centrality, multiple plane axis distances, gap calculation and shim selection etc., Third party SPC software (optional) can be used analyze the collected data, with more than 60 types of SPC charts, Statistical formulae, Trend Analysis and out of control tests.

Candid micron  is associated with VERSA controls for all electronic based multi gauging.

Versa Controls is OE supplier of gauging electronics to many gauge manufacturers in India & Germany.

Versa Controls has manufactured import substitutes for many Corporates.

R&D is well qualified with niche expertise in micro-processors, controllers, analog and digital electronics, motors and drives. Sensor conditioning has been the prime activity at Versa Controls. Strong R&D enables Versa Controls to cater to customer specific needs.

Versa provide several types of electronic gauge for LVDT sensors. The tri colour bar graph along with the seven segment display is an easy tool for the operator to improve productivity.

The user can set it for measurements in comparative (incremental) or absolute mode. The tri colour bar changes colour between green, red and yellow depending on the component status-OK, REJECT or REWORK.

The tolerance values are superimposed on the bar for operator's assistance. Advanced microcontroller based hardware along with a very simple to understand menu makes it very user friendly. 1 or 2 point auto calibration facility makes calibration easy & quick. 

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