inspection fixtures

Inspection Fixtures, here a multiple parameters, viz., Holes, Slots, Distance, Depth, Width, Length, Height, Thickness, Bore, OD, Key Way, Cross Hole, Taper, Angle, Profile and Perpendicularity, Concentricity, Run Out are checked in relation to others to ascertain whether the individual dimensions are correct in all respects. For the component/sub-assembly manufacturer, control of Positional Tolerance, as it may be called, of one dimension or a set of dimensions with respect to other parameters of the same component is critically important. For the Gauge Manufacturer, similarly critical is the understanding of the functional and performance parameters of the component/sub-assembly for designing & manufacturing the related checking devices. Today, when every Automobile giant is in the process of perfecting the performance of their end products, the criticality of Inspection Devices for such parameters is increasing day by day. Candid Micron has mastered in this segment and constantly designs and produces various user-friendly Gauges for the Automobile Industries.

  • PCD Checking Gauge (with reference to related dimensions)
  • Center Distance Checking Gauge (with reference to related dimensions)
  • Positional Tolerance Checking Gauge for a variety of shapes/dimensions/parameters
  • Receiver Type Inspection Fixtures