dial snap gauge

  • Offers High Precision Dial Snap Gauge for quick and precise comparative measurement of external diameters up to 600 mm range.
  • Best suitable for inspection of Continuous / Batch production items.
  • Setting is done with the help of Gauge Block / Cylindrical Setting Masters.
  • Measuring faces are provided with Tungsten Carbide Material for greater wear resistance.
  • Parallelism of measuring faces is within 0.003 mm up to 200 mm range.
  • Any standard Dial Indicator with ø8 mm holding shank can be fitted easily.          
  • Available Ranges 0-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-100,100-125 ...575-600mm
  • Measuring anvil parallelism =>5µm ,Measuring force 15N±3N